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The Description

Steam Trap Control Body

If the steam traps are not work efficiently they will cause loss of energy

The maintenance of the steam traps is very important to prevent steam escape.

This product is designed for testing the system's steam leak. It is just used for saturated steam. This item provides to test the steam traps.

Steam trap control item is installed the system before the steam traps. It has a sensor which discerns the conductance ratio between steam and condensate.

It can analyze the steam escape with that difference.

Material Structure:
Body and cover: GGG 40,3 Ductile iron

Screwed, flanged

Nominal Diameter:
DN15 (1/2") - DN50 (2")

Working pressure:
Up to 14 bars

Working temperature:
Up to 240 ºC

Typical Applications:
It can be used all kinds of steam lines

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