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The Description


In & Out Trading is one of the biggest suppliers of high quality Stainless Steel 316 Bolts and Nuts.
Strong and Corrosion Resistant, our fasteners are cost-effective and offer long lasting solutions.

Discover our wide range of genuine Stainless Steel 316 Bolts and Nuts from Italy.

  • Screws Hexagonal Head DIN 931/933 A4-70
  • Allen Socket Head Cap Screw DIN 912 A4
  • Allen Countersunk Socket Cap Screw ISO 10642 A4
  • Threaded Rods DIN 976-1 A4
  • Flat Washers with ext dia. 3x i.d DIN 125/9021 A4
  • Spring Lock Washer DIN 127 A4
  • Hex Nuts DIN 934 A4
  • Self-Locking Nut thin type DIN 985 A4
  • Hexagonal Domed Cup Nut high type DIN 1587 A4

Also available in our store: SS304 Anchor & Wall Bolts, Carbon steel, Hot Dip Galvanised Grade 8.8 & Zinc Plated.

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