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The Description

Sprinkler Hose and Connections Set (FM Approved)

Sprinkler systems when the fire starts to spray water to the blaze automatically and extinguish or control the fire in fixed place. These systems are installed on the ceiling for affected more wide area and connect with Ayvaz sprinkler installation kits easily.

Sprinkler systems prefer usually when the area is difficult to reach or dangerous place, especially like public areas.

Sprinkler hoses and installation kits are used to connect between sprinklers and fire pipe lines. With its flexible structure sprinkler hoses absorb seismic movements, they can minimize labour time.

Hose: AISI 316L Stainless steel
Braid: AISI 304 Stainless steel
Fittings: Carbon steel- Stainless steel

Side of main pipe line:

Side of sprinkler:
Threaded special parts for sprinklers

Fixing parts:
Carbon Steel

Hose diameter:
DN25 (1")

Working Pressure:
Up to 16 Bars

Bending Radius:
Min. 200mm

Application Area:
-All kind of buildings

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