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The Description

HK-23 Steam Traps

HK-23 has regulating valve so it can evacuate high volume condensate.

It has 3 thermostatic capsules for DN50 and 4 thermostatic capsules for DN65 - DN100.

When the condensate capacity is above the evacuate capacity conical valve open and evacuate the condensate. Evacuation capacity set by set screw which exists above the steam trap.

Ayvaz TKK-41 / TKK-42 should be assembled to the pipe line at horizontal position for working efficiently and long working time. Isolation valves should be used for safety during the maintenance and steam traps changing.

Material structure:
Body and cover: GGG 40,3 Ductile iron
Inner parts: AISI 304 Stainless steel


Nominal Diameter:
DN50 (2") - DN100 (4")

Working Pressure:

Up to 21 bars

Working Temperature:
Up to 250 °C

Typical Applications:
Sugar industry
Heating batteries
Drying cylinders

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